Ancient Isles CD

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Ancient Isles

This album features eleven original compositions by Richard Searles that combine the exquisite sound of the Classical Guitar with the sounds of other traditional instruments - Recorders, Oboe, Harpsichord, and Percussion - and the sounds of Nature. These works have won praise from both classicists and New Age enthusiasts for their innovative blending of the old and the new, the natural and the man-made, the serene and the passionate.

Track List

  1. The Storm   mp3
  2. Lament   mp3
  3. The Searcher   mp3
  4. Ancient Isles   mp3
  5. Sylvan Revels   mp3
  6. The Coronation   mp3
  7. The Shaman   mp3
  8. Song of the Wind   mp3
  9. Emerald Dream   mp3
  10. Sheltering Stones   mp3
  11. Elfin Dance   mp3

All compositions by Richard Searles

Richard Searles: Guitars, Synthesizers
Charles Zukovsky: Recorders
Laura Stone:   Oboe
Patricia Mabee: Harpsichord
Ron Wagner:   Tabla, Percussion
David Stenske: 1st Violin
Ed Persi: 2nd Violin
Matt Funes: Viola
Steve Velez: Cello
John Searles: Art Direction
Thomas J. Styczynski: Cover Photo